In the Fall of 2008, 2 years before his death, Factory Girl director, George Hickenlooper uploaded a third (extremely rough) version of the film onto Youtube, The Unseen Director’s Cut Version. This was the third version of the film itself after the rushed Theatrical Version and the ultimately final DVD Version. Hickenlooper felt that the other versions weren’t of his liking, due to problems with The Weinstein Company. Although the film opened to mixed reviews, it created Edie Mania. Most, if not all clips of the film were taken down due to “copyright issues, belonging to the Weinstein Company.” Hickenlooper didn’t upload it again, all clips deleted from youtube are lost from the public. Luckily, 6 out of 15 of those clips have re-surfaced over the time.
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Posted: Wed July 4th, 2012 at 12:26am
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